Rishi Dashboard

Rishi Dashboard provides you one-way access to everything related to the theme. Shortcuts to various customizer options, text-holder for entering the premium theme license key, useful plugins, and extensions, all are available from the Rishi Dashboard.

All above-mentioned features are provided under the five tabs of the Rishi Dashboard – Home, Starter Sites, Extensions, and Useful Plugins. 

Here is a brief explanation of each tab:

Home tab – From this tab, you can easily access some customizer shortcuts like color options, header and blog options, layout options, and more. You can also enter the license key for the Rishi Pro theme via this tab. Links to the Theme Documentation, Video Tutorials, and Support channel are also provided under this section.

Starter Sites tab – You can browse all the Rishi Starter Templates from this tab.

Extensions tab – From this tab, you can manage all free and premium extensions that support the Rishi Companion plugin. 

Useful Plugins tab – In this tab, you can install and activate all the plugins that are well tested to add different features to your site when using the Rishi Theme.

License –Within the license tab, you have the option to activate the license key for both the Rishi Companion Plugin and Rishi Pro plugin. Upon activation, you will be notified of any updates for these plugins.