Content Protection

With the Content Protection feature, the users are able to protect their website content from being copied especially when they are handling content that has copyright issues.

To access this option, you will first need to install and activate the Rishi Pro plugin and then activate the Advanced Blogging extension.

Activating the Advanced Blogging Extension #

You can access the Advanced Blogging Extension via Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions. Then activate the toggle to get the Advanced Blogging extension to work.

Once the extension is activated, you can access the Content Protection setting via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Advanced Blogging > Content Protection.

General Setting #

The following are the different settings provided to use the Content Protection feature.

Enable Content Protection: Enabling this option will disable the right click on your website and will also prevent the visitors from copying your website texts.

Post Types: Select the locations on your website where you want to apply the Content Protection feature.

Protection Message: Enter the alert message you want to display each time the site visitor right clicks on the protected content.

Design Setting #

The following are the different options provided under the Design settings tab:

Title Font: Select the Typography settings for the Protection Message text.

Content Color: Select the text, icon, and background color for the Protection Message container.

Border: Configure the border setting for the Protection Message container.

Dropdown Shadow: Add a shadow effect for the Protection Message container.