Multiple Author

Introduction #

Sometimes there are multiple contributors to a single post. The Multiple Authors feature allows you to give credit to all your contributors for a particular post.

Activating Advanced Blogging Extension #

To enable the Multiple Authors feature, first, you need to activate the Advanced Blogging extension via  WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions.

Adding Multiple Authors to a Blog Post #

To add Multiple Authors, go to Dashboard > Posts > All Posts. Here, select the post that you want to add your contributors to and click on Edit.

Then you can add the Multiple Authors from the Post Settings.

Once you have added the Authors, click on Done and Publish to save the changes.

Enabling Multiple Authors in Customizer #

You need to enable the Multiple Authors via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Advanced Blogging > Multiple Authors.

Show Multiple Authors: Enabling this option will allow you to show multiple authors for your blog posts.
Upon activating the feature to display multiple authors, you have the flexibility to include multiple authors in the post meta section as well via Customize > Blog > Single Post > Post Meta.

Show Author Bio on Hover: Enabling this option will show the author’s bio (if set) on hover.

Show Additional Author Box: Enabling this option will allow you to show the multiple author box at the end of the post.

After enabling this setting, publish it and reload the customizer.