Custom Fonts

The Custom Fonts is a premium extension provided by the Rishi Pro plugin. With this extension, you can upload your preferred custom fonts easily to your website. The uploaded fonts will be displayed across all the Typography options provided by the theme. The extension supports TTF and WOFF2 fonts, as well as standard and variable font files.

Activating the Custom Fonts Extension #

You can access the Custom Fonts Extension via WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions. Then click the Activate button to get the Custom Fonts extension to work.

Configuring Custom Fonts Settings #

Once the Custom Fonts extension is activated, you can upload your preferred font file by clicking on the Settings button present on the same location.

The extension provides you with the option to upload a Simple Font or a Variable Font.

Upload Simple Font #

Simple fonts can be variable, but each variation is stored in a separate file.

Upload Variable Font #

Variable fonts are pretty much the exact same thing as simple fonts, but for variable fonts, only two variations are supported and exactly two of them have to be provided.