Enable and receive automatic updates

We are now using Easy Digital Downloads to managing the license and send updates for our theme and plugin. Please refer to the steps below to get updates notification whenever a new update is released.

If you using Rishi Theme and Rishi Companion below version 1.1.6, we recommend you to download the theme and plugin from our website and re-upload it again. This won’t affect your existing customization and data.

Enabling Update Notification for Rishi Theme #

Once you install the theme, on your dashboard you will see a message as shown below.

Click on the Activate link to get notified on your dashboard about the new updates.

Enabling Update Notification for Rishi Companion #

For Rishi Companion plugin, we have implemented a mechanism that will automatically activate the license key once it is installed. For this you need to download the plugin from here.

If the license key is not activated automatically, you can manually activate the license key received during the download as shown below.

Once the license key is activated, you will receive update notification in your dashboard.

If you face any issues, please reach out to our support team for assistance.