Hooked Elements

The Hooked Elements is a premium extension provided by the Rishi Pro plugin which allows you to add/hook content anywhere on your website using conditional logics.

Activating the Hooked Elements Extension #

You can access the Hooked Elements Extension via WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions. Then click the Activate button to get the Hooked Elements extension to work.

Configuring Hooked Elements Settings #
  • First, to create a Hooked Template visit Dashboard > Appearance > Hooked Elements > Add New.
  • Select the type of Hooked Element you want to create.

Custom/Content Hooks: You can hook this element to any desired location on your WordPress website.

Header Template: This element will be displayed on the site header.

Footer Template: This element will be displayed on the site footer.

  • Enter the Template name.
  • Click on Create Template button.
  • Once, the Template is created you can add your content either via the Block editor or you can use the Code editor.
  • Then click on the Rishi Page Settings option.
  • Select the Location where you want to hook your content and Add New Location if you want to hook your content in more than one location. (Note: These options are only available if you choose the Custom/Content Hooks)
  • Add and select Display and User Condition.
  • You can also set an Expiry date for your added content and select Block position if you choose the Custom/Content Hooks template.
  • Finally, select the devices where you would want to display the added Hooked Elements and click Publish.