Image Hover Effect

Introduction #

With the Image Hover Effect option, you can choose to add a zoom effect to the featured images of the products listed on your Shop page.

To use this option, you will first need to install and activate the Rishi Pro plugin and the WooCommerce plugin and then activate the Advanced WooCommerce extension.

Activating the Advanced WooCommerce Extension #

You can access the Advanced WooCommerce Extension via Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions.  Then click the Activate button to get the Advanced WooCommerce extension to work.

Once the extension is activated, you can access the Image Hover Effect option via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Shop Page > Cards Options.

Adding the Image Hover Effect #

You can select the hover effect you want to apply to the product images on the Shop page via the option highlighted on the screenshot below.