How to Add Portfolio Shortcode?

You can display the list of Portfolios created on your website on any page/post using the Portfolio Shortcode.

[RISHI_PORTFOLIO per-page=9 ids="" cat=""]

You will need to install and activate the Rishi Pro plugin and then activate the Portfolio extension to use the Portfolio Shortcode.

Activating the Portfolio Extension #

You can access the Portfolio Extension via Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions.  Then activate toggle to get the Portfolio extension to work.

Adding the Portfolio Shortcode #

You can use a Shortcode block on a page/post editor to embed the Portfolio Shortcode.

Parameters for the Portfolio Shortcode #

The Portfolio Shortcode provides three different parameters that you can use to display a filtered Portfolio list on your website.

per-page: Here you need to enter the number of Portfolios you want to display inside the Portfolio block.

[RISHI_PORTFOLIO per-page=9 ids="" cat=""]

ids: You can enter the array of Portfolio ids that you want to display inside the Portfolio block.

[RISHI_PORTFOLIO per-page=9 ids="907,903,899,895" cat=""]

You can find a Portfolio id for each Portfolio via Dashboard > Portfolios > All Portfolios.

cat: You can use this attribute when you want to display the Portfolio posts belonging to a particular Portfolio category. You can enter an array of Portfolio category ids here.

[RISHI_PORTFOLIO per-page=9 ids="" cat="55,56,57"]

You can find a Portfolio category id for each Portfolio category via Dashboard > Portfolios > Portfolio Category.

Portfolio Shortcode Frontend View #