No jQuery

Rishi uses Vanilla JavaScript that optimizes your site’s performance by preventing render blocking jQuery.

Less than 75 KB

Rishi requires less than 75 KB of resources, which is far less than other bulky WordPress themes. No wonder performance is a guarantee in Rishi.

Loads in just half a second!

Rishi is a core vital optimized theme that focuses on faster speed and performance. Plus, its super-lightweight build enables your site to load faster in just half a second.

Optimized code

Rishi uses the default WordPress data and practices the best coding standards to ensure every code line is optimized.

Smart Lazy Loading for Images

Rishi loads only those images that are visible on users’ screens at a given time. Rest of the images remain unloaded. Such a feature increases the page loading speed.

WooCommerce Boosts

Every theme nowadays is compatible with WooCommerce. But with Rishi, we took it up a notch. The WooCommerce Boost feature loads only the WooCommerce js and .style files on your WooCommerce page. As a result, you get faster-loading pages with a massive boost in speed.

Essential Performance Tweaks.

Rishi solely focuses on speed of your site. Here is how:

Lazy Load Images

By enabling this feature, your page loads only the images that you are browsing over. Rest of the images remain as they are. As a result, it boosts the page speed.

Images Loading Animation Type

You can select from different animation types for your image loading.

Remove Version Parameters

Enabling this feature on your site removes version query strings from your static resources. This helps improve the caching of those resources to increase the loading speed.

Remove Emoji

Enabling this feature removes the WordPress emojis JavaScript files (wp-emoji-release.min.js.) As a result, an upgrade in your site’s performance.

Disable self-pingbacks

You can disable the self-pingbacks which are created when you link an article on your own blog.

Disable RSS feeds

You can disable the WordPress-generated RSS feeds and 301 redirect URL to parent.

Defer JavaScript

Enabling this feature results in defer loading of render-blocking JavaScript files for faster website loading and page download speed.


Choose from several ready-to-use templates from our library or create your design using the drag-and-drop page builder. With Rishi, anything is possible. You only need to get more creative.


Rishi offers abundant layout options to style your headers, blogs, pages, and other page elements.

Header and Footer Builder

Easily match your header and footer with your brand. Our drag-and-drop header and footer builder lets you add your desired elements such as menus, buttons, search, and more.

Transparent Header

Set up a unique impression among your visitors by using the transparent header feature. This will surely catch users attention on the go.

Sticky Header

Our sticky header feature provides the convenience of seeing and reaching the header menu even when users are scrolling on your site.

Color & Typography

Select and set up your own colors for your page elements to bring out a unique look that matches your brand. You can then top it up a notch by adjusting the typography in various ways.

WooCommerce Ready

Ready to sell your products on your site? Rishi is 100% compatible with WooCommerce and offers you with easy configurations. Also, we have added various layouts to showcase your products.

Site Layouts

We have added multiple site-wide layouts to showcase your pages distinctly with a professional touch.


If you prefer organizing your content in a boxed format, you can use Rishi’s built-in Boxed layout for your site. Everything appears neatly in a box design with a major focus on your content title and featured image.

Content Boxed

Another option to arrange your content is by wrapping up the boxed layout within a border. It is similar to the boxed content except that your content now has an outer boundary.


If you wish your content were fully flexed over the user’s screen taking advantage of all the space, you can use the Unboxed layout.

Fluid Container

Want more control over your layout? Rishi lets you stretch the container layout to 100% to highlight your content efficiently.

Flexible Container

Our flexible container gives you control over the width of the content area and your sidebar. Now, you can adjust the width as you prefer.

Sidebar Layouts

Rishi gets more generous with the sidebar options. You have multiple choices to adjust the layout. You can choose between right sidebar, left sidebar, full-width without sidebar, or full-width centered without sidebar for each of your posts and pages.

Vertical Spacing

Adjust the top and bottom spacing of your content so that they are easy to read. Apart from the design, this feature also improves users’ convenience.


Make your typography appear unique by adjusting the font, font size, line spacing, and line size as you like for your H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

Google Fonts

Rishi boasts a collection of over 1000+ Google Fonts in its library. Feel free to choose from such a variety and flex your content in a unique way.

System Stack Fonts

This feature swiftly loads the fonts from the system and bypasses the need to request fonts from external sources. Such a feature significantly boosts your website loading speed.

Paragraph Margin

Set up a neat and organized content by adjusting the paragraph margin. It’s a small feature but bears a professional mark to your site.

Letter Spacing

Adjust the letter spacing of your content to make them distinct and easy on the eyes.

Font Size PX, REM, PT, VW

Rishi is flexible enough to let you adjust the font size unit by pixel, REM, point, and VW.

Text Transform

Want more control over your content? The text transformation feature of Rishi lets you capitalize, underline, strike through, or set everything up in uppercase.

Blog Layout.

Rishi boasts a wide collection of blog layouts to help you showcase your content in various ways.

Classic Layout

Use the classic layout to display your content in a minimalist, yet a promising way to engage your visitors.

List Layout

Have something that you want to list out, for example, your posts, your products, menus, links, or others? Use the list layout to exhibit them in an elegant and orderly manner.

Grid Layout

Grab instant attention with the grid layout for your content. This way, your viewers are bound to click on your posts.

Masonry Layout

Get a bit more trendy with your content and put them in a masonry layout. A sure-shot way of giving your site a contemporary look.

Blog Structure Control

Gain full control over your blog structure and display your content however you like. There are no restrictions.


Keep your visitors engaged on your site by using the numbered or infinite scroll pagination.

Single Post.

Take advantage of Rishi’s full flexibility to add your custom posts in different layouts and templates from its several options.

Post Structure Control

Adjust your post structure and format in any way you like to match your brand. Rishi sets no limit in any way.

Breadcrumb Settings

Rishi’s Breadcrumb feature helps you rank better on search engines by giving them a proper introduction of your site’s pages and content. Further, it promotes user experience by providing navigational links at the top of your pages or posts.

Related Posts

Motivate your visitors to browse more of your content by displaying the related posts at the end of each post on your website. It helps in increasing user retention.

Comment Section Toggle

Allow your visitors to leave their feedback and comments on your posts. Such a feature promotes user engagement on your site. You can adjust the comment section’s position as you prefer. It lets your readers share their opinions quickly.

Post Navigation

Another effortless feature to promote better browsing experience on your site is Rishi’s post navigation aids. With this feature, users can easily go back and forth to next and previous posts.


Rishi includes most of the popular extensions to increase features and functionalities on your website. Now, your site can be one of a kind with all the modern etiquettes.

Cookie Consent

Our Cookie Consent feature will assist you in making your site GDPR compliant. In addition, it also notifies users to store cookies only after their consent.

Transparent Header

Grab your visitors attention instantly with the transparent header feature. It gives a unique wow-factor to your site.


Rishi is all about speed. It delivers the best performance and fastest loading speed you could’ve ever seen. If you love fast websites, you will love Rishi.

Customizer Reset

If you think you have messed up some customizer settings, the customizer reset feature is at your rescue. It helps you quickly reset all the customizer settings with a single click.

Global Design Options.

Rishi has the option to adjust all your settings globally across your site from a single place.

Advanced Logo Header

Want more control over your logo display? Rishi offers advanced control over your logo appearance on the header. You can control the width of your logo and even choose a logo layout from multiple options.

Color Options

From the heading to links to background, Rishi offers tons of color options to customize every element of your website.

Button Styling

Don’t limit your button style to default. Rishi has several settings to configure the buttons of your site.

Back to Top

The Back to Top button gives users instant access to the top of your page with a single click no matter where they are on your site.

404 Page

Customize a 404 page for your site instantly with Rishi. There are several options to try out.


Construct a fully-functioning online shop with Rishi’s built-in WooCommerce compatibility.

Shop Layouts

Showcase your product neatly using various shop layouts of Rishi.

Shop Structure Control

Easily adjust the number of products to show on each row and column.

Product Customization

Add product images, set the product alignment, select a card design, add ratings, and more. Rishi has several settings to customize and control your product display.

Advanced Cart

Use the advanced cart in the header to show users the products they added and finalize their purchase.

Infinite Scrolling

Keep your visitors engaged with your content using the infinite scrolling technique. This eliminates the need for pagination, thus increasing their retention.


Building your website with Rishi is an effortless way to make search engines love your site.

Schema Integration

Being Scheme-friendly is an important ranking factor on search engines. Thjus, we have made sure to integrate Schema to Rishi theme so that search engines love your site and you have a better edge over your competitors.

SEO Optimized

If your site is not SEO-optimized, you lose the game. However, Rishi is the game changer. It is SEO-friendly and uses clean SEO codes so that your site reserves a higher spot on search engines without breaking a sweat.


Rishi is super-easy to use. But, if you have any query, reach out to us via our support forum. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Quick and Friendly Support

Got more ideas or questions regarding the Rishi theme? Contact us by using our support ticket and we will get back to you in no time.

Video Tutorials

We have made beginner-friendly video tutorials to help you get acquainted with the Rishi theme in no time. 

Detailed Documentation

Our detailed documentation will help you step-by-step to install, set up, and use

We have included a detailed step-by-step documentation of the theme to help you get along with the theme. Do check it out before submitting a support ticket.


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