How to Configure Shop Page Settings?

The Shop page setting comprises of the following elements:

Shop Title – Under the Shop Title section, you can enable or disable the Shop page title, breadcrumbs for the Shop page, and control the alignment and bottom spacing for the Shop page title.  

Shop Structure – Here you can set the number of products that you want to display per row and per column on the Shop page.

Card Options – The Card Options comprise of the general and design elements. Following are the general elements.

  • Show Category: It enable the option to show category of the product.
  • Star Rating: You can hide or display the star rating provided by the customers.  
  • Card Design: Here you can select to display background for the products on the shop page.
  • Content Alignment: You can align the Shop page product content via this setting.
  • Button Roundness: Set number for button roundness.
  • Button Padding: Configure the button Padding.

The design setting includes title color, button color, button typography, price color and many more settings.

Shop Sort – Here you can choose to hide or display the Sorting option on the Shop page.

Shop Results Count – You can hide or display the Shop Results Count. 

Shop Page Display: Choose what to display on the main shop page.

Category Display: Choose what to display on product category pages.

Default Product Sorting: Choose how should products be sorted in the catalog by default.