How to Configure Archive Page Settings?

The Archive Page Layout Settings and the Post Elements settings are similar to that of the Blog Page settings. The only different option that this page contains is the Page Title option with different settings. 

You can Enable/Disable the Page Title option to display/hide the page title on the Archive page. You can get different general and design settings under page title settings.

General Settings #

Enable Page Header: Enable the toggle to display page header.

Prefix – Enable this option to display the prefix Browsing Category: before the page title.

Breadcrumb: Enable to display breadcrumb in blog archive page.

Archive Title: Enable/disable to display Archive title.

Archive Description: Enable/disable this option to display archive page content as a archive Description.

Show Post Counts – Displays the number of posts inside an Archive page.

Horizontal Alignment – Aligns the archive page title.

Vertical Spacing – Set a vertical spacing for the archive page title on the Archive page header.

Design Settings #

Font Color – Set font color for page title.