Checkout Page

The Checkout Page of the WooCommerce plugin displays the Checkout form and hence you will also have some form controls on the Checkout page setting.

You can hide or make optional or required the Company Name, Address Line 2, and Phone fields. This is useful in case you only sell your products to individuals, not companies, or simply just want to collect less personal data about your clients or make this information mandatory. 

Setting up Checkout form

You can choose to highlight the required fields on the Checkout page with an asterisk.

You can also easily set your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages. These pages are mandatory in order to comply with your country’s internal regulations.

setting up Privacy Policy Page

The Privacy Policy text field provides you an option to add some text about your store privacy policy to show during checkout.

Setting up Privacy Policy Page

You can choose to Display Coupon Form on the Checkout Page.

 Display Coupon Form on the Checkout Page