Getting Started with WooCommerce

By adding a WooCommerce plugin to any WordPress site, we can set up an online store in minutes. This powerful plugin is one of the most popular plugins among WordPress users.

Keeping in mind the usefulness and impact that this plugin has, we have made the Rishi Theme 100% compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

The Rishi Theme provides different customization options and settings to provide a personal touch to the pages generated by the WooCommerce plugin.

Once the plugin is installed on your site, a list of WooCommerce settings will appear on the site customizer.

Store Notice – This option allows you to display information about any events or promotions to your visitors on the top or bottom of the site.

Enabling Store Notice

General – The General option allows you to customize your Shop page layout.

Shop Page General Setting

Shop Page From here you can customize different elements of your Shop page.

Shop page setting

Single Product This option allows you to customize different elements of the Product page.

Single Product Setting

Checkout Page Here you can select to hide or make optional the different fields of the Checkout form. You can also set your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages.

Checkout Page Setting