Functionality Options

Introduction #

The Functionality Options allows you to select what content you want to display for the main Shop page and Product category pages and also allows you to choose the option for sorting the products in a Product category page.

To use this option, you will first need to install and activate the Rishi Pro plugin and the WooCommerce plugin and then activate the Advanced WooCommerce extension.

Activating the Advanced WooCommerce Extension #

You can access the Advanced WooCommerce Extension via Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions.  Then click the Activate button to get the Advanced WooCommerce extension to work.

Once the extension is activated, you can access the Functionality Options via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Shop Page.

Configuring the Functionality Options #

The following are the different settings provided under the Functionality Options.

Shop page display: You can choose to show products or categories or both products & categories on the Shop page via this option.

Category display: Here you can choose to show products or sub-categories or both sub-categories & products on the Product category page.

Default product sorting: You can choose how you want to sort the product listing in the Product category page via this option.