The Advanced Blogging is a premium extension provided by the Rishi Pro plugin. This extension offers a range of features that enhances its user’s blogging experience. Listed are the elements that can be added to a website posts and pages through the Advanced Blogging extension:

  1. Disclosure
  2. Autoloading Posts
  3. Multiple Authors
  4. News Ticker
  5. Related Posts
  6. Post Filters
  7. Emojis Reaction
  8. Quick Summary
  9. Adblocker
  10. Was This Helpful
  11. Mobile Truncate
  12. Read it Later
  13. Sticky Promo
  14. Content Protection
Activating the Advanced Blogging Extension #

You can access the Advanced Blogging Extension via WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions. Then activate the toggle to get the Advanced Blogging extension to work.

Configuring Advanced Blogging Settings #

Once the Advanced Blogging extension is activated, you can access the Advanced Blogging setting via Appearance > Customize > Advanced Blogging.