Footer Features

The Rishi Pro plugin adds the following features to a footer builder provided by the Rishi Theme.

Duplicate Footer Items #

You can generate duplicate copies of the Button, Divider, HTML and Socials elements using the Clone option.

Additional Footer Elements #

The following is the list of Footer Elements provided by the Rishi Pro plugin:

Button: You can add a CTA button anywhere on the site footer. You can label the button, link it to any URL and customize it as per your choice.

Divider: This element adds up a vertical divider in between the footer elements.

Footer Menu 2: You can add an additional footer menu in the website footer using the Rishi Pro plugin.

HTML: This element allows you to either enter content via the visual editor or add some arbitrary HTML code. 

Logo: You can select a logo and set site title for your site footer here. Besides, you can also select the logo and title layout and alignment.

Search Box: This element display a Search Box on the site footer.

Conditional Footers #

Conditional Footers is one of the strongest features provided by the Rishi Pro plugin. You can create as many footers as you like for your website and display them on your website under selected conditions.

You can follow the below steps to create a site footer and specify display conditions for it:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Footer > Footers.
  • Click on Create new footer.
  • Enter the Footer name and click on Create New Footer.
  • Select the new footer
  • Click on Add/Edit Conditions
  • Add and select your preferred Display and User conditions.
  • Click on Save Conditions.