Rishi companion is a plugin that offers powerful features for Rishi theme. It includes features to speed your website and tune fine your website.

The Rishi companion includes the following features:

  • Cookies Consent Extension: It allows you to add the GDPR notice to your website.
  • Customizer Reset Extension: It allows you to reset your customizer to default settings quickly.
  • Transparent Header Extension: It allows you to add a transparent header to your website.
  • Performance Extension: It includes the settings to disable the unwanted settings and boost your website speed quickly.
  • Social Sharing Extension: It allows you to add a social sharing option to your single posts.
  • Reading Progress Bar Extension: Add a reading progress bar on your website to show the reading progress to your readers.
  • Web Stories Extension: It adds compatibility with Web Stories plugin to show web stories efficiently on your site.
  • Sidebar Blocks: It includes handy sidebar blocks to display your posts, categories, ads and much more.