Site visitors can block ads on the website they are visiting by using various Adblocker tool on their browsers. This can often prove to be unbeneficial for the website owners who get paid for displaying these ads.

Enabling the Adblocker option will display a message box requesting to disable the Adblocker tools to the customers who are using such tools on their browsers.

To access this option, you will first need to install and activate the Rishi Pro plugin and then activate the Advanced Blogging extension.

Activating the Advanced Blogging Extension #

You can access the Advanced Blogging Extension via Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions.  Then click the Activate button to get the Advanced Blogging extension to work.

Once the extension is activated, you can access the Adblocker setting via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Extensions > Advanced Blogging > Adblocker.

Show Adblocker: Enable this option to show Adblocker notification on your website.

General Setting #

The following are the different settings provided under the General Settings tab:

Show AdBlocker On: You can select if you want to show the AdBlocker notification on Pages or Posts or throughout your website.

Delay Timeout: This option allows you to set a timer for the notification.

Layout: You can select a layout for the notification message.

Image: You can upload an image for the AdBlocker notification here.

Title: Here you can give a title for the notification message.

Description: You can add the text that you want to display for the notification message.

Button Label: Give a label for the button.

Design Setting #

The following are the different options provided under the Design settings tab:

Title Typography: Choose your preferred AdBlocker title typography setting.

Description Typography: Choose your preferred AdBlocker description typography setting.

Title Color: Select the font color for the section title.

Description Color: Select the font color of the section description.

Button Color: Select the button text initial and hover color.

Button Background Color: Select the button background initial and hover color.

Overlay Color: Set the overlay color for the Adblocker.

Adblocker Frontend View #

Once you enable the Adblocker option, this is how it will appear on the visitor’s website who are using an adblocker tool.