Post Filters

Introduction #

The Post Filter feature allows you to add the Post Category Filter on Blog Archive pages. On clicking the displayed filter, posts based on those categories will be displayed immediately.

Activating Advanced Blogging Extension #

To enable the Post Filter feature, first, you need to activate the Advanced Blogging extension via WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions.

You can access this setting via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Extensions > Advanced Blogging > Post Filters.

General Setting #

The following are the different settings provided under the General Settings tab:

Layouts: Choose a layout for the Post Filters from the available layouts.

Display Post Filters On: Select if you would like to add Post Filters on the Blog page or Categories or both of them.

Display Categories: Add Categories for the Post filter. You can select the Categories from the available dropdown list. All your post categories will be displayed in the dropdown.

Horizontal Alignment: Select the alignment for the post filter.

Items Spacing: Set the spacing between each category.

Top Spacing: Set the value for top spacing for the Post Filter.

Bottom Spacing: Set the value for bottom spacing for the Post Filter.

Design Setting #

The following are the different options provided under the Design settings tab:

Tab Colors: Choose your preferred text and background color for the Post Filter.

Content Font: Choose your preferred content font setting.

Post Filter on Frontend #

When you have enabled the Post Filter feature, this is how the filters will be displayed on the frontend.