Read It Later

This feature allows your readers to bookmark the posts on your website so that they can revisit or read the bookmarked posts later. The bookmarked posts are saved inside the Bookmark page provided by the extension supporting an easy and quicker access for the readers.

The feature basically removes the hassle of manually storing a post URL for possible future use and offers a well-managed return to the content.

To access this option, you will first need to install and activate the Rishi Pro plugin and then activate the Advanced Blogging extension.

Activating the Advanced Blogging Extension #

You can access the Advanced Blogging Extension via Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions > Pro Extensions. Then activate the toggle to get the Advanced Blogging extension to work.

Once the extension is activated, you can access the Read it Later setting via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize >Advanced Blogging > Read it Later.

Read it Later Setting #

The following are the different settings provided for the Read it Later feature.

Read it Later: Enabling this option will add a bookmark icon for each posts so that your readers can bookmark the posts.

Bookmark Icon: Select your preferred bookmark icon.

Icon Size: Select the icon size.

Bookmark Label: Enter the bookmark icon label that will be displayed on hovering over the icon.

Remove Bookmarks list label: You can enter the label for removing all the bookmark list on the page using the Read it Later template.

Adding Bookmark icon to the Site Header #

The Rishi Theme provides Bookmark as a header element that you can add to your website header via Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Header Builder> Bookmark.

This element displays the number of posts that are bookmarked by the readers. This icon added via the Bookmark element also links to the Read it Later page on your website.

You can checkout more about the Bookmark element here.

How to create a Read it Later page? #

The Read it Later page is the one using the Read it Later page template. It works as an archive page storing all the posts that a reader has bookmarked on your website.

You can use the below steps to create a Read it Later page on your website:

  1. Visit Dashboard > Pages > Add New
  2. Enter the page title for the Read it Later page
  3. Select the Read it Later template under the Template option
  1. Click on Publish

Frontend View of Read it Later option and Read it Later page #

Fig: Read it Later option on the Blog Page