How to Configure Single Page Settings?

Page Elements #

Page Title – You have option to customize breadcrumb, page title, page title alignment, and bottom spacing through this settings.

General Settings #

The Rishi Theme provides the following options to configure the layout settings for a page.

Sidebar Layout – You can choose a sidebar layout for your site pages here.

Page Layout – Choose the page container layout here.

Stretch Layout – Enabling this option allows the layouts to be stretched in the site pages.

Featured Image – The setting for this element offers handy controls that will let you adjust image scale, image size and aspect ratio. Here you can also choose to display or hide the image on the single page across several devices.

Comments – Enable/Disable this option to display/hide the comment form on the site pages.

Content Area Vertical Spacing – Set the vertical spacing for the content area of your site pages via this setting.

Design Settings #

Background: Set background color for single pages.

Shadow: Configure the settings to add shadow to single page.

Padding: Add space around content of the single page.

Border Radius: Enter border radius value.