AdBlocker Detector for Revenue Recovery

Online publishers lose 26% to 30% of their ads revenue due to AdBlocker.  Using Rishi’s AdBlocker Detector feature, your website will detect Adblocker and guide your readers to disable it to increase revenues and maximize the average revenue per visitor (ARPV).


Multiple Authors for Credibility and SEO

62.96% of readers perceive articles with multiple authors to be more credible. Increase E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) by adding multiple authors which is an important SEO ranking factor.


Sticky Promo for Higher Earning

Do you run an affiliate blog and want to improve your earnings with the same traffic? Using the sticky promo to promote ads or affiliate products at the bottom or top of your blog post can drastically increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and conversion. In addition, you can promote different products through different posts.


Inline Related Posts for Internal Linking (SEO)

Internal linking is crucial because it helps Google understand and rank your website better. When Inline Related Posts are added in the middle of articles, they build internal links and increase pageviews.


Affiliate Disclosure for Trust

Adding affiliate disclosures improves website trust and honesty among consumers. The law also requires it in some countries. So easily add the affiliate disclosure on your blog to protect yourself from legal issues and establish credibility among your readers.


Quick Summary to Hold Readers' Attention

An average reader spends only 37 seconds reading a blog post. 43% of readers skim blog posts. Using the Quick Summary feature, you can quickly summarize your article and capture the readers’ attention.


Autoload Posts to Increase Engagement Time

Automatically loads new posts as the reader scrolls down the page, keeping up-to-date with the latest contents and increasing engagement time.


News Ticker for Engagement

43% of readers skim blog posts. So by using News Ticker, you notify your readers about important information and keep them engaged.


Emojis Reaction for Fun and Engagement

Provides a fun and interactive way for your readers to share thoughts about your content with Emojis. It can help you get important insights and improve your blog in the future.


Post Filters for Sorting

Help your readers quickly search for the blog they want by sorting the posts with categories and tags.


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