Header Builder Elements

Table of Contents
Free Header Elements #
  • Button – You can add a CTA button anywhere on the site header. You can label the button, link it to any URL and customize it as per your choice.
  • Contacts – This element allows you to add different contact details such as your phone number, email, address, etc.
  • HTML – This element allows you to either enter content via the visual editor or add some arbitrary HTML code. 
  • Logo – You can select a logo and set site title for your site header here. Besides, you can also select the logo and title layout and select different logo for different header state.
  • Menu 1 and Menu 2 – You can set menus for your site header via these elements. You can get more details in Configure Menus documentation.
  • Search – This element adds the search icon to the header of the website for enabling search functionality. You can also select if you want to perform searches in any particular post types.
  • Socials – This element adds the social media icons to the header of the website.
  • Offcanvas Menu – This element is the menu for the mobile header. It has to be placed inside the off-canvas panel. This element is only visible when the mobile or tablet preview is selected on the customizer.
  • Trigger – This element adds a toggle bar to display the menu in mobile view.
  • Off-canvas panel – This panel serves as a container for the mobile header elements, such as menu.