How to Resolve Demo Import Issue

The demo import issues can be caused by several reasons. Mostly, it is caused due to insufficient resources on your hosting configuration or connection issue with our website.

To ensure the demo import is done properly, kindly do the following:

  • Install SSL on your website. When SSL is installed, in your website address https will show with a lock icon.
  • Make sure your website URL and Site Address are same via Settings > General. After SSL installation, it should have https in the address.
  • Before importing the Template, please make sure to check that your host supports PHP version 7.4 or greater. You can check the WordPress requirements here: You can check current version of PHP you site is running via Dashboard > Tools > Site Health.
  • For the demo import to work properly, the PHP configuration on your server should be:
    Maximum Execution Time 360
    – Memory Limit 256M
    – Post Max Size 32M
    – Upload Max Filesize 32M
  • Make sure you have updated the Rishi Theme (via Appearance > Themes) and all your plugins are updated to the latest versions (via Plugins > Installed Plugins).
  • Check for any plugin conflict. You can deactivate all the plugins and only activate the recommended/required plugins by Rishi Theme and try importing the template again.

If you still face any issues during the import, please reach out to our support here.