Performance Settings

The Performance Extension provided by the Rishi Companion plugin help you in improving your website performance and make your website load faster.

Activating the Performance Extension #

You can access the Performance Extension via WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Rishi Theme > Extensions. Then click the Activate button to get the Performance extension to work.

Activating the Performance Extension
Configuring Performance Settings #

Once the Performance extension is activated, you can configure the Performance Settings for your website via Appearance > Customize > Performance.

Lazy Load Images: Enable this option to enable Lazy loading for your site images.

Images Loading Animation Type: Select the animation type for loading images.

Enable to remove “ver” parameter from CSS and JS file calls: Enable this option to remove version query strings from your static resources to improve the caching of those resources.

Enable to remove Emojis from the frontend: Enabling this option removes the WordPress Emojis JavaScript file (wp-emoji-release.min.js).

Disable self Pingbacks: Enable this option to disable Self-Pingbacks which is generated when linking to an article on your own blog.

Disable RSS Feeds: Enable this option to disable WordPress generated RSS feeds and 301 redirect URL to parent.

Defer Render-blocking JS: This defers the loading of render-blocking JavaScript files for faster website loading.

Disable WordPress Embeds: Enable this option to remove the WordPress Embeds Javascript file.

Disable Scripts and Styles: Enabling this option disables WooCommerce scripts and styles except on product, cart, and checkout pages.

Disable Cart Fragmentation: Enabling this option completely disables the WooCommerce cart fragmentation script.