New Release: Rishi Theme 1.1.5

We’re excited to announce a new update for Rishi Theme! This version includes several new features, including additional header elements and a new feature to add featured image credit. We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes improvements to fix a few issues in the previous version. 

Rishi Theme 1.1.5 is a lot better: You can enable or disable the custom schema in this new version as needed. The Random Posts header element, a breath of fresh air for your website visitors, will recommend a random post and spice up your content delivery.

We hope you enjoy the new update!

Additional Header Elements

The header now has additional elements and is more valuable for your user. These additional elements are intended to spark intimacy with website visitors and serve them a more personalized experience. 

Display local time

Your website visitors come from multiple regions and time zones. Displaying a single time zone on the header creates confusion and is of little help to the user. The new version now lets you select an option to display their local time no matter whichever time zone they are from.  

Display current date

An additional feature to display a time zone-specific date for your website visitors.

Display image

You can now add an image to your website header. Add your logo, a custom picture, an emoji, or an advertisement image- the image section lets you be creative. 

Random Posts

Oftentimes, the end-user doesn’t have a clear idea of what they want. As the name suggests, the Random Posts element recommends a random post that is valuable to the reader.

Read the step by step documentation here.

Featured Image Credit

Some free and premium photos from stock photo portals require attribution and credit. The featured image credit feature now lets you add a neat attribution to the source and mention the original artist.

Read the step by step documentation here.

Enable/ Disable Schema

Adding a schema helps search engines understand your site better, which eventually boosts SEO. However, if you are okay with an existing custom schema or simply don’t feel like using one, this feature makes it easy to enable/ disable schema.

Web Stories Plugin Compatibility

In the latest update of Rishi Companion plugin, we have added the compatibility for Web Stories plugins. The theme adds some extra features to customize how you want to display stories on your website.

Read the step by step documentation here.

Rishi Pro 1.1.3 New Features and Updates

Important Advanced Blogging features have been rolled out with the new update. The theme adds some extra features to customize how you want to display stories on your website.

Was This Helpful

Your website visitors can now vote whether the article or post was helpful to them. This feature lets you see the vote count of all users from the admin dashboard, allowing you to judge the effectiveness of your content. 

Read the step by step documentation here.

Mobile Truncate 

The mobile truncate feature only shows a portion of the content in the beginning and allows users to click on “Continue Reading” if they wish to read further. This feature keeps things organized, minimizes rendering unnecessary content, and improves page load speed. 

Read the step by step documentation here.

Read it Later

This feature is synonymous with the bookmark option but for individual posts and pages. You can then conveniently create a dedicated page to display the list of posts that the users save. This dedicated page can be displayed anywhere – as a menu option in the header or a standalone page. 

Read the step by step documentation here.

Enhancements in News Ticker

The News Ticker feature is now a lot more convenient, thanks to shortcode! The new enhancement now allows you to quickly insert the news ticker on any page with just a single line of the shortcode.

Rishi 1.1.5 Changelogs

May 30, 2022
  • New Feature A new Header Element Time is added to display local time.
  • New Feature A new Header Element Date is added to display the current date.
  • New Feature A new Header Element Image is added to display the image.
  • New Feature A new Header Element Random Posts is added to redirect random posts on click.
  • New Feature A feature is added to show featured image credit.
  • Update Added feature to enable or disable Schema.
  • Update Added feature to select typography for Header Element Trigger.
  • Fix String translation issue of posts pagination is fixed.
  • Fix Partial refresh of Header Element Trigger is fixed.
  • Fix Offcanvas menu alignment issue is fixed.

Rishi Pro 1.1.3 Changelogs

May 30, 2022
  • New Feature A feature ‘Was This Helpful’ is added in Advanced Blogging to count the readers’ votes for posts.
  • New Feature A feature ‘Read It Later’ is added in Advanced Blogging to allow readers to bookmark posts.
  • New Feature A feature ‘Mobile Truncate’ is added in Advanced Blogging for collapsing posts on mobile devices.
  • Update Added feature to display ‘News Ticker’ on the archive page.
  • Update Added shortcode feature to display ‘News Ticker’ on any desired page.
  • Update Renamed Disclaimer to Disclosure in Advanced Blogging and also changed the shortcode to [DISCLOSURE_TEXT].
  • Fix Changed typography from system default to default family in all Advanced Blogging extensions.
  • Fix Next posts navigation issue in Related Posts is fixed.

Rishi Companion 1.1.5 Changelogs

May 30, 2022
  • New Feature Added feature to make Web Stories plugin compatible.
  • New Feature Added feature to display social media profiles for Author Box.
  • Update Added feature to add more than 10 categories in Category Block.
  • Fix Transparent header page selection limit is removed.
  • Fix Global Footer reveal effect not working issue is fixed.

What are the Steps for Updating the Theme and Plugins?

To use these features, you must install the most recent version of Rishi Theme 1.1.5 and Rishi Companion 1.1.5.

Because this is a major update, you must follow the instructions below in order to update safely and without problems:

  • To begin, update Rishi Companion to the most recent version 1.1.5, via Plugins > Installed Plugins. Please verify the version after the upgrade is completed.
  • After the plugin is updated, you may update the theme to version 1.1.5, which is the most recent release via Appearance > Themes.
  • If you are using the Rishi Pro plugin, you also need to update the plugin to version 1.1.3 via Plugins > Installed Plugins.

With its latest update 1.1.5, Rishi Theme has come packed with new features which significantly enhance the website building experience. So don’t wait any longer, update Rishi Theme 1.1.5 today!

If you face any issues with the update, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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