New Release: Rishi Theme 1.1.3

Rishi Theme is always a breath of fresh air with its optimized performance and robust features. Today we’ve got great news! Our latest update is going to introduce some much-needed improvements.

Our newly built Sticky Promo and Sidebar Blocks are going to add a lot of value to your site with major jobs done with great accuracy. We know you’ll enjoy all of the enhancements and improvements we’ve made!

Let’s explore the features that it has to offer in this update. So check out these new features that are just waiting for their time in the spotlight:

Sidebar Blocks

Rishi Theme’s Sidebar Blocks provides you with a personalized collection of blocks to add all kinds of content to the sidebar. It also offers many customization options, so it fits any website perfectly. The Rishi Theme’s Sidebar Block extension consists of the following blocks:

  • Recent Posts: The Recent Posts block on your site will allow people who visit your site to see what content has been added recently easily. This makes them spend more time browsing through all of the great material, which is sure worth it.
  • Popular Posts: With the Popular Posts block, you can display your most popular posts on your website based on either the view count or the number of comments received by a particular post. Your readers may quickly get to the posts that other visitors have discovered valuable.
  • Categories Block: It is a great way to display the list of post categories on your website. It provides visitors with direct access and also shows how many posts are in each category, making it easier than ever before for you or them to read posts in different categories.
  • Advertisement: The Advertisement block is a fantastic way for site owners to promote products, services or display Google Ads. You can either upload an ad image or enter the code from Google ads, which will appear on your website as soon you’ve enabled it.
  • Posts Tab: With the Posts Tab block, your visitors can view all of your latest posts and popular posts. They can switch between tabs or just go straight to what is relevant at any given time without searching through every page.
  • Pinterest Block: The Pinterest block allows you to display any of your boards, pins or user feed from Pinterest without having to direct people elsewhere. 
  • Facebook Block: Facebook block will help you promote your Facebook page on your website. The blocks will allow you to embed your Facebook page easily. It also increases social influence and traffic for all pages within the site, increasing trust among visitors to any page.

Here’s the step by step documentation.

Sticky Promo

The Sticky Promo is an awesome way to promote affiliate products on your blog posts. You are able to add and configure promotional ads while creating a new blog post, which gives you more control over what content will have this promotion attached.

Sticky Promotions are perfect for affiliate marketers who want products promoted on top of particular posts without having another ad span the whole page!

Here’s the step by step documentation.

Features Requested by Customers

  • The featured image is now clickable for the post on the blog and archive pages.
  • In Performance settings, a new feature is added to exclude lazy loading for the Above-the-fold images automatically or by adding the image name.
  • Google fonts library is updated and includes all the latest fonts.

Rishi 1.1.3 Changelogs

  • New Feature: The theme is now accessibility-ready.
  • New Feature: A new setting is added to enable/disable breadcrumb on the Author page.
  • New Feature: The typography setting for the buttons is added.
  • New Feature: A setting to customize the label of the button on the 404 page is added.
  • Update: The featured image is now clickable and links to the blog post.
  • Update: Google Fonts library is updated and now includes more than 1350 fonts.
  • Update: RTL language support is added for WooCommerce.
  • Fix: The string translation issue shown by Theme Sniffer is fixed.
  • Fix: The issue of the margin not working in the Header Contact element is fixed.
  • Fix: The typography issue for the HTML element in the header is fixed.
  • Fix: The issue of Color Palette 8 not working in Elementor is fixed.
  • Fix: The Partial refresh issue of the search page label is fixed.

Rishi Companion 1.1.4 Changelogs

  • New Feature:  Recent Posts block to display the most recent posts.
  • New Feature:  Popular Posts block to display the popular posts.
  • New Feature:  Categories block to display the list of categories.
  • New Feature:  Author Bio block to display the author bio.
  • New Feature:  Posts Tab block to display recent posts and popular posts.
  • New Feature:  Facebook block to display the Facebook post.
  • New Feature:  Pinterest block to display the Pinterest page.
  • New Feature:  Advertisements block to display the advertisements.
  • New Feature:  Added a delay feature for Cookie Consent notice.
  • New Feature: A new performance setting is added to exclude the images from lazy loading under Performance > Images.
  • Fix: The Partial refresh issue in Cookies Consent is fixed.

Rishi Pro 1.1.2 Changelogs

  • New Feature: Sticky Promo feature is added to promote a product on a single post.
  • Fix: The error during the license activation is fixed.

What are the steps for updating the theme and plugin?

To use these features, you must install the most recent version of Rishi Theme 1.1.3 and Rishi Companion, which is 1.1.4.

Because this is a major update, you must follow the instructions below in order to update safely and without problems:

  • To begin, update Rishi Companion to the most recent version 1.1.4, via Plugins > Installed Plugins. Please verify the version after the upgrade is completed.
  • After the plugin is updated, you may update the theme to version 1.1.3, which is the most recent release via Appearance > Themes.
  • If you are using the Rishi Pro plugin, you also need to update the plugin to version 1.1.2 via Plugins > Installed Plugins.

With its latest update 1.1.3, Rishi Theme has come packed with new features which significantly enhance the website building experience. So don’t wait any longer, update Rishi Theme 1.1.3 today!

If you face any issues with the update, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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