Ready to Import Starter Sites!

Rishi Theme has a collection of 90+ ready-to-install pre-made starter templates. With a user-friendly installation and setup process, you can transform your website from concept to reality in just a minute.

Lightning Fast for Unparalleled Speed

Rishi Theme is a core web vitals-optimized WordPress theme with excellent performance and blazing-fast loading time. Your website loads in less than a second, reducing bounce rates.

Core web vitals-optimized

Build websites that load in a flash using the Rishi Theme. With this theme, you can improve the speed, lower the bounce rate, and create a better experience for your website visitors.

Less than 70KB

Create a website with great performance. Rishi Theme requires less than 70 KB of resources, less than most other WordPress themes.

Loads in less than half a second

Build a super lightweight website that loads in less than half a second. This unparalleled speed ensures that your visitors get instant access to your content, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

No jQuery

Rishi Theme doesn’t use jQuery, which hampers website performance. Instead, it uses Vanilla JavaScript to eliminate render blocking and improve your site’s performance.

Install Pre-Design Demo with One Click

Import the pre-made designs with a single click. With the one-click demo installation feature, you can import all the demo content, settings, designs, and features to your site.

Install Exact Demo

Liked the demo and want a similar website? No problem! Import the exact design as shown in the demo preview within minutes.

Customize Imported Demo

After importing the demo site, you can personalize the contents and designs using various settings.

Access to all the Latest Demos

We regularly add more demos to our starter site collection. You get access to all the new demo files as soon as we release them.

Unlimited Colors

Choose any color, font, and background to change the look and feel of your website as you want.

Advanced Typography Options

Give your site a unique look with advanced typography. Choose a font, line height, letter spacing, etc., to create beautiful typography.

Google Fonts

Rishi Theme offers more than 1550+ Google Fonts. Choose any font that goes best with your design.

Custom Fonts Pro

Don’t want to use Google Fonts? No problem! Easily upload a custom font to give your site a distinctive look.

Easy Customisation

Easily change the font size, weight, and style to customize the look and feel of your website.

Advanced Header Builder

Quickly build a Header with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface within minutes.

Drag and Drop

Simply drag and drop any elements that you want in the header, such as a menu, email, and contact. It is as easy as that!

Customization Options

Choose from layout, color, and typeface choices to personalize your header.

Live Editing

See the changes you are making in real time to know how the header will look on your website.

Transparent Header

Need a modern design with a transparent header? Rishi Theme allows you to build a transparent header within a few clicks quickly.

Sticky Header

The sticky header offers your website visitors a great user experience. When scrolling, they can easily access and navigate the menu.

Advanced Footer Builder

Quickly build an advanced Footer with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface within minutes.

10 Footer Elements

Create a custom footer quickly with the help of 10+ built-in footer components.

Design Options

Easily change the footer look and feel with multiple design options.

Flexible Footer Layouts

Use various layouts to create a distinct and sophisticated footer.

Elementor Compatible

With the popular page builder Elementor, you can create any design without restriction. Our plugin, Mega Elements, allows you to effortlessly add unique and dynamic content elements to your website.

Gutenberg Compatible

Easily insert various blocks and arrange them to create a powerful website without any technical knowledge. Rishi Theme is compatible with Gutenberg, the block-based page builder that allows you to design every element of your website using blocks.

SEO Optimised for Better Ranking

Rishi Theme is built with performance and SEO in mind to have a competitive edge over your competitors.

SEO Optimised

With this theme's SEO-friendly features and clean SEO codes, you can rank your website higher on search engines without breaking a sweat.

Schema Markup Integration

Allow search engines to understand your website content better with Rishi Theme's Schema MArkup Integration.

Last Updated On

Easily add Last Updated On to your articles without coding to attract users and search engines.Both users and search engines love fresh content. Google shows Last Updated On in search results.

Multiple Blog Layouts

Choose from four layouts to showcase your content in the best way possible. Plus, Rishi Theme has multiple features to fine-tune the blog posts.


Highly Customizable Single Post

Experience flexibility in customizing every detail of your posts to match your unique style and vision.

Sort Post Elements

Easily sort the post elements to get the desired look and feel.

Highlight Links

Highlight the links to make them more noticeable and clickable.

Show Related Posts

Show related posts based on category and tags to improve user engagement and internal linking for SEO.

Comment Section Toggle

Change the position of the comment form to engage readers better.

Post Reading Time

Show readers the estimated time required to read the article.

Configure Featured Image Size

Quickly alter the featured image size to meet your needs.

Social Share

Share your posts directly with the built-in social share to your social media handles. You don’t have to use a third-party plugin that would slow down your website.

Advanced Customization for Pages

Add or remove components within a page and simplify the page design process. With Rishi Theme, you can easily create page layouts that cater to your needs in seconds.

Customizable Archive Pages

Get complete control over your archive pages. You can change the arrangement of your archives pages and their paging, show/hide a particular post meta, and pick which sidebar to display.

Sell Like a Pro with WooCommerce

Create a complete online marketplace within your website with Rishi Theme’s WooCommerce compatibility.

Shop Layouts

Use various shop layouts to showcase your products most attractively.

Shop Structure Control

Easily change the number of products displayed on each row and column.

Product Customization

Add pictures, set the product alignment, choose a card design, give ratings, etc, to fine-tune your product appearance and design.

Advanced Cart

Use the advanced cart in the header to display products that your customers have added and finalized.

Social Media Integration

Use social media to reach a large audience. Add social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more to your website.

Footer Copyrights Editor

Quickly add, modify, and delete copyright text, mentions, and credits in the footer of your website.

Reading Progress Bar

Add a reading progress bar to let your readers know how much they have read and engage them more.

Sidebar Blocks

Add all kinds of content to the sidebar with a personalized collection of blocks. These blocks include Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Categories, Advertisements and more.

Cookie Consent

Set your website to obtain cookie consent to be compliant with GDPR.

Smart Lazy Loading for Images

Improve your site’s loading speed and performance using the Smart Lazy Loading feature. This feature only loads the image currently visible to the user’s viewing screen.

Load Google Fonts Locally for GDPR Compliance

Enhance rapid access and rendering by preloading or caching the Google fonts. Also, reduce the number of requests to external font sources. This approach also prevents Google from keeping track of your IP address for analytical purposes.

Advanced Blogging Pro

Monetize your blog and engage your readers with Advanced Blogging Pro.


AdBlocker Detector for Revenue Recovery

Online publishers lose 26% to 30% of their ad revenue due to AdBlocker. Using Rishi’s AdBlocker Detector feature, you can detect Adblocker and guide your readers to disable it to increase revenues and maximize the average revenue per visitor (ARPV).


Multiple Authors for Credibility and SEO

62.96% of readers perceive articles with multiple authors to be more credible. Increase E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) by adding multiple authors, an important SEO ranking factor.


Sticky Promo for Higher Earning

Do you run an affiliate blog and want to improve your earnings with the same traffic? Using the sticky promo to promote ads or affiliate products at the bottom or top of your blog post can drastically increase the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion. In addition, you can promote different products through different posts.


Inline Related Posts for Internal Linking (SEO)

Internal linking is crucial because it helps Google understand and rank your website better. When Inline Related Posts are added in the middle of articles, they build internal links and increase pageviews.


Affiliate Disclosure for Trust

Adding affiliate disclosures improves website trust and honesty among consumers. The law also requires it in some countries. So, easily add the affiliate disclosure on your blog to protect yourself from legal issues and establish credibility among your readers.


Quick Summary to Hold Readers' Attention

An average reader spends only 37 seconds reading a blog post. 43% of readers skim blog posts. Using the Quick Summary feature, you can quickly summarize your article and capture the readers’ attention.


Autoload Posts to Increase Engagement Time

Automatically load new posts as the reader scrolls down the page, keeping up-to-date with the latest content and increasing engagement time.


News Ticker for Engagement

43% of readers skim blog posts. Thus, you notify your readers about important information using News Ticker and keep them engaged.


Emojis Reaction for Fun and Engagement

Provide a fun and interactive way for your readers to share thoughts about your content with Emojis. It can help you get important insights and improve your blog in the future.


Post Filters for Sorting

Help your readers quickly search for the blog they want by sorting the posts with categories and tags.

Dark Mode for Better User Experience Pro

The dark theme is perfect for your readers trying to save their eyes from strain or glare, especially at night. It also helps reduce eye-sight fatigue, which is productive in the long run.

Multiple Sidebars Pro

Create custom sidebars with custom content for better engagement and marketing. With lots of flexibility and ease, you can control what’s displayed on every page using conditional logic.

White Label for Custom Branding Pro

Do you want to hide Rishi Theme branding from the clients? With the White Label feature, you can rebrand Rishi Theme and use it as your own.

Hooked Elements for Dynamic Content Pro

Hooked Elements enables you to integrate any type of custom elements or content into your online presence. You may use conditional logic to place the components so that they are always in perfect sync with whatever needs to be shown at any given moment.

Code Snippets for Code Insertion Pro

Add and load CSS or JavaScript on your site without changing the basic code or adding third-party plugins with CSS and JavaScript code snippets.

Highlight Author Comment

Quickly highlight the author’s remark in the comment so readers can easily follow your remarks and reply to comments.

Scroll to Top Button

A single click takes users to the top of the page, enhancing the user experience. Choose from multiple designs to match your design.

Built-in Breadcrumb Settings

Offer easy navigation to your users by placing links at the top of pages. Built-in Breadcrumb settings enhance user experience and also help in SEO.

Sidebar Layouts and Customization

Choose from 3 different sidebar layouts and various customization features to suit your site design.

Stretch Layout

Want to use the whole space on the screen? No problem! The Stretch layout stretches out the width of a page and makes it more expansive than before.

Custom Website Width

The custom website width option allows you to set the exact dimensions for your site to fit perfectly with whatever content or design aesthetic you need.

3 Different Layouts for Container

Rishi Theme comes with three different layouts for containers to give you better control of your design.

Button Styling

Customize the buttons to achieve the desired design with several features for button styling.

Customizable 404 Page

Easily and quickly customize the 404 page to give it a personal and friendly touch. After all, 404 pages don’t have to be boring.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Rishi Theme is cross-browser compatible and works smoothly with the latest version of popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Customizer Reset

Want to revert all the changes to the default? Using Customizer Reset, you can quickly revert every setting to the default values within seconds, saving you time.

Schema Markup Friendly

Rishi Theme is compatible with Schema Markup, which helps search engines understand your website content better and provide rich snippets to the users. As a result, it gives your content an edge over others in search engine results, which means more visibility and potentially better rankings.

RTL Scripts Ready

Rishi Theme is RTL (Right to Left), Ready for Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew languages.

Translation Ready

Rishi Theme is translation-ready, so you can easily translate it into different languages.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

Your website could not be secure if your theme is not updated regularly. Therefore, we regularly update the Rishi Theme, adding new features, fixing bugs, and fixing security loopholes. In addition, we make sure that your website is secured and maintains WordPress standards.

Top-Notch Support and Extensive Documentations

Rishi Theme is simple and easy to use. We have created extensive documentation (text and video) to walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to use it. If you have any questions, our support team is here to help.

Video Tutorials

We have step-by-step and easy-to-understand video tutorials to walk you through how to use the Rishi Theme.

Step by Step Documentation

Our thorough text documentation will walk you step-by-step through using the Rishi Theme. It has everything you need to create a website from start to finish using Rishi Theme.

Quick and Friendly Support

Can't find what you need in the documentation or have pre-sales questions? Don't be shy. Write to us using our support ticket. We would be happy to help.